La mia cibosofia e' il racconto dei territori attraverso il cibo
La mia cibosofia e' il racconto dei territori attraverso il cibo

                   Gastronomic traditions

                          LUNA ROSSA

      Typical Food and Restaurant


History at table in the Land of Lucania

The cooking of Ristorante Luna Rossa moves from research of local and regional gastronomies. At every market of flavour we stole essences, scents, and transferred in the kitchen. Unwritten recipes have intrigued the mind and the palate, developed the imagination and the fantasy, multiplied the colours, the shape of the dishes and their preparation. From the richness of the rural world, wisely, we collected products and the recipes, kept in small secrets, handed down for tradition and conviction. The cooking, embassy of the territory, research and tells cosmic events of nature, spices and scents, flavours and knowledge.

To rediscover the ancient taste of the good things,

From the land of Lucania to the table of all………………. from 1981.



Marconi 18

85030 Terranova di Pollino(PZ)

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