dove stiamo
dove stiamo
La mia cibosofia e' il racconto dei territori attraverso il cibo
La mia cibosofia e' il racconto dei territori attraverso il cibo

                   THE CHEF’S CHOICE 

Fixed menu


some dishes may contain frozen food for seasonal reasons



Hours d’oeuvre   € 35,00
Ciambottella  (bread with peppers, tomatoes, eggs and sausage)  
Potatoes pie (whit sausage, crispy peppers and extra-virgin olive oil)  
Mushroom  soup (with cheese flakes)  
First course  two half portions   with side dishes
Mischiglio della Contea di Chiaromonte  (brown pasta) long-shaped past  made whit a mixture of flours: chickpea, barley, bran, oats;
                seasoned whit cherry tomatoes and typical sauce
Tapparelle r’e’ Senise  (red pasta) Hand-made pasta kneaded whit red pepper sauté in hard “ricotta” cheese, chipped crispy peppers and vinegar
Main course  two half portions   with side dishes
Pork tenderloin wrapped with bacon and passed vegetables
Lamb steak with herbs of  Monte Pollino and roasted potatoes (with thyme, rosemary, laurel, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil)
Dessert two small portions  with side dishes
Gandmother’s cake  
Seasonal cream with baked figs  

With us bread and cover are free



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